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C-level HR restructuring for a media and corporate services sector company in France

Case Study


For several years, this French subsidiary of a US Group had seen a steady decline in profitability. The company employs around 1,000 people and generates annual revenues of 180 million Euros. Although the company was in profit, its results were unsatisfactory to the US owners and shareholder confidence was weakening. 


In an attempt to turn the company around as quickly as possible, the management team had been entirely replaced within the previous three months. Atreus was called in to support the management committee and the chairman in finding a new financial director and HR director. We were also asked to conduct a full audit of the causes of the decline in profitability, establish an action plan and implement it across the company. 


It quickly became apparent to the management committee that the actions initially planned by shareholders would be insufficient. It was therefore necessary to design and implement a plan for the complete re-engineering of the French business, taking into account the specific characteristics of the local market.


This audit was supported by a team of strategy consultants from a large international firm working on defining the new turnaround strategy. This collective work rapidly paid off: a complete overhaul of the subsidiary’s organization was carried out in under a year.  


The company’s seven regional departments were rationalized into a single central department. Within this structure, we created three separate business lines, each with its own back office departments. This both streamlined operations and reduced administrative costs. It also enabled the company to get rid of a lot of duplicated roles that had grown up as a result of the previous decentralized structured. 


The new structure was implemented with no disruption to daily operations and achieved an immediate 20% reduction in overheads. At a stroke, the profit ratio saw an instant and significant improvement.  

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