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Change management at automotive components supplier Decoma

Case Study


At the Decoma plant in Sulzbach, the delivery situation had to be stabilized and back-orders eliminated as quickly as possible. New logistics solutions needed to be devised in the supply chain management, inventories had to be taken and priorities set. 


In the course of this project, Atreus succeeded in improving the logistics of automotive components supplier Decoma from the ground up. The required changes were accomplished and customer satisfaction fully restored. This motivated the staff members involved to accept new change processes.

Interview with Guido Marenbach, Managing Director of Decoma

What situation was your company in when you turned to Atreus for help?

Increased demand resulted in us receiving a lot of new orders, which meant we had to reschedule our capacities. Production bottlenecked because we underestimated the paint shop’s workload. That led to large numbers of incomplete vehicles that couldn’t be delivered. After transferring the orders elsewhere failed to improve the delivery situation, we asked Atreus to help us improve our processes.


"We decided to take on an Atreus manager to help us optimize our processes in order to restore a high standard of service quality for our customers."

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"Within three months, the Atreus manager improved our logistics from the ground up and – most importantly – we were then able to fully restore customer satisfaction."

What tasks awaited the interim manager?

The main assignment was to reduce the number of incomplete vehicles waiting on our customers’ lots and to increase paint shop capacities. The plan was to do so in two main steps: optimizing the supply chain and reducing reject rates. The former meant integrated procurement structures and a recalculation of the pipeline. The reject rates were reduced by improving the planning of suitable empty containers for the transport of finished units. The logistics structures and processes also had to be made more efficient.

What was the project goal?

The most urgent objective of the project was to stabilize the delivery system. To achieve that, we launched several projects in parallel: organizing the materials flows to the painting contractors with a focus on using empties, booking the materials flows including the empties moved, and restructuring the order scheduling processes. This was all designed to improve the transparency of handling and generate planning reliability.

"Hiring an Atreus manager took pressure off our employees and they could be motivated to accept new change processes."


"With great expertise and the necessary amount of intuition, the Atreus manager designed and initiated the required changes in our logistics operations with a good feel for the staff involved."

What were the specific challenges?

The biggest challenge was in coping with the customers’ great need for information in this critical situation. The customers wanted detailed daily reports as well as reports for different factories and management levels and quality inspections for several products. On top of this were the numerous customer visits and people sent by the customers.

What successes were achieved in the project?

Our delivery situation improved significantly throughout the course of the project. The unfinished vehicles were eliminated entirely, all customers were able to receive their orders without backlogs and paint shop capacities were fully utilized. The processes were defined and the first pilot units reorganized. The number of extra trips required was halved. The measures initiated in the project lastingly improved the situation.

What benefits do you see in working together with Atreus?

Within the space of three months, the Atreus manager succeeded in fundamentally improving our logistics. That is an amazing feat in that period of time when one considers that several projects were launched and taken to a successful conclusion simultaneously.

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