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Change management at electrical engineering specialist Weidmüller

Case Study


Within the scope of its strong and lasting growth strategy, the purchasing unit was to be strategically restructured and developed into a global procurement organization. To do so, change processes had to be driven forward and specific supplier and commodity group strategies designed. 


Atreus succeeded in establishing collaboration across all functions and compiling an innovative product portfolio through excellent project management. All the required tasks were mastered under great time pressure with regard to reliability of supply and market launches. 

Interview with Martin Ambros, Chief Purchasing Officer at Weidmüller

What special challenges awaited Atreus?

We wanted to drive certain optimization processes forward together with our purchasing unit, within the scope of our growth strategy. Atreus initially compiled a rolling forecast for the next several months and derived an inventory replenishment plan from it. That proved to be a good strategy. The conversion went smoothly, the products were available as planned for the market launch and there were almost no stock surpluses. 


"Atreus’ work was characterized by far-sightedness, rigorous implementation and team spirit. On top of that, the staff profited from the interim manager’s experience."

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What had to be taken into particular consideration during this project?

In the negotiations with the potential new supplier, for which we only had a limited amount of time, many very different demands on the contracts had to be taken into account. We wanted to start the cooperation as quickly as possible so that we could get the new products to the market by the strategically determined date. In the period that followed, we developed almost 200 products, some of which we were even able to launch several weeks ahead of plan. 

How big was the department and how did colleagues react to the Atreus manager?

Purchasing was a small team that was very open-minded and eager to learn. The collaboration went so well that we commissioned a second Atreus manager three months later. The two managers seamlessly took over their responsibilities and the employees profited from their knowledge and experience. 

"Because Atreus worked so well, we got a second Atreus manager on board as well."

Martin Ambros has been responsible for global procurement at Weidmüller for three years, in his position as its Chief Purchasing Officer. Prior to that he held various positions at Benteler Automobiltechnik.

Martin Ambros

Martin Ambros has been responsible for global procurement at Weidmüller for three years, in his position as its Chief Purchasing Officer. Prior to that he held various positions at Benteler Automobiltechnik.


"The market launch of some of the products could even be pulled forward several weeks, so that we could present them at an important trade fair."

Another of the Atreus manager’s tasks was to be responsible for development services contractors. What did that involve?

One of the big trends in the electrical engineering industry is the networking of components in control cabinets. For example, electricity supplies communicate with the “control center” and report data back to it. Special expertise is required for this communication and Atreus helped us to define a strategy for how we could provide that expertise. 

"Both Atreus managers worked with great foresight. They helped the team develop and had a highly motivating effect. That was the key to success."

How would you describe your experience with the Atreus managers?

They were on board in three weeks and integrated themselves very smoothly. Both of them quickly familiarized themselves with the complex issues, and tackled all their tasks under great time pressure with regard to supply reliability and the market launch. One good example of the inter-functional collaboration was the logistics workshop that one of the Atreus managers suggested. It proved to be a very good idea and we will continue to hold it. 

What did you appreciate most about their work?

The Atreus managers took the shortest path to success in each aspect of the project and drew our attention to the critical issues, so that we could approach them in advance. They brought the employees together and brought about solutions. Teamwork and no-nonsense implementation were the key to the project’s success.

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