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Lean management at the manufacturing and distribution center EDC

Case Study


The situation in the market for entertainment products made it necessary to significantly reduce costs in a short time with leaner processes. Lean production had to be implemented in production and logistics and the effectiveness and efficiency in the entire company had to be improved. 


Atreus developed radical optimization processes that successfully cut our costs. In addition, a team was set up within the company and trained for the rollout of the lean method. 

Interview with John Fitzgerald, COO and Chairman of the Board of EDC

Why did you call on Atreus?

We wanted to quickly and significantly cut our costs through leaner processes in the company. Atreus very quickly provided us with an experienced manager for this purpose. He analyzed our most important manufacturing, logistics and administrative processes and showed us how we could simplify our processes. 


"It was very important for us to get the right expert on board fast."

What were the main tasks?

Focal points were optimizing setup procedures in our production and raising the utilization levels of our machines. But we also had to make our administrative processes more efficient. 

What abilities did the Atreus manager bring with him and how did he manage the project?

Thanks to his experience and extensive know-how, the Atreus manager was able to gain an overview of the processes in our company in the shortest possible time. In close collaboration with our staff, he then found the weaknesses. His background knowledge of lean management and lean production methods enabled him to quickly find suitable solutions. 

"Thanks to the Atreus manager’s experience, potential was quickly found and the improvements realized."

“The Atreus manager set up work groups that occupied themselves intensively with the issues and developed decisive improvement measures.”

John Fitzgerald

“The Atreus manager set up work groups that occupied themselves intensively with the issues and developed decisive improvement measures.”


"Thanks to his team-oriented approach, we are now in a position to be able to pursue the optimization of our business processes alone."

What was the main focus: the strategic work or implementing the cost-reduction measures?

We knew that the cost reductions would be the focal point of the collaboration. Here, it was important to us that we not only conduct individual projects, but also install a continuous process for simplifying procedures. To this end, the interim manager taught a team of our staff the basics of lean management. 

What potential did the Atreus manager recognize and how did he exploit it?

He first analyzed all the relevant production and organization processes in great detail. It is important to know which activities in each process actually add value and which do not. Those that don’t have to be eliminated or at least reduced to a minimum. 

What were the interim manager’s key successes?

The manager convinced our employees of the value of the improvements. To do so, he of course needed specialist expertise, but it was just as important to integrate our staff’s experience into the work. 

"In Atreus, we have found an expert and professional partner for lean process management."

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