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Logistics project management at spice specialist RAPS

Case Study


Spice specialists RAPS planned to hand over their logistics activities to an external service provider. They were looking for an expert to come into the company quickly and make a success of the outsourcing project. An ambitious time schedule needed to be met, production maintained and the high quality and punctuality of global deliveries guaranteed.


Atreus quickly succeeded in putting together a strong logistics concept. Outfarming instead of outsourcing was the key.


Interview with Kilian Krieger, Managing Director of RAPS

What made you decide to use an interim manager?

There were three main reasons for the decision: experience, speed and the ability to lead the project to a successful conclusion. These were the things we needed the interim manager to bring to this project phase. As we did not have the requisite personnel for the outsourcing project, we decided to fill the gap with Atreus.


"The project required experience, speed and the ability to lead the project to a successful conclusion – Atreus had the best concept for that."

Kilian Krieger

Kilian Krieger was Managing Director of RAPS GmbH & Co. KG until the end of 2010. He has 30 years of experience working in various managerial positions and as a consultant. Mr Krieger has accompanied companies through growth and restructuring phases.

Was the outsourcing project already underway when Atreus came into the equation?

Yes. We had already taken numerous measures to lead the company into a viable future. Outsourcing of logistics activities was a major milestone in our action plan. After the call for proposals, we were in negotiations with a logistics provider and realized that many aspects of our production and value generation process were not entirely accounted for in the outsourcing plan. So we decided to acquire the expertise we lacked through Atreus.

What demands did you place on the Atreus manager?

The interim manager had to quickly analyze our logistics processes and process landscape, evaluate the efficiency of our own logistics and present a decision paper on the outsourcing, including an optimized plan of alternatives, within four weeks.


"The Atreus manager was an expert who helped us achieve the outsourcing milestone."


"The Atreus manager succeeded in presenting a decision paper for the outsourcing, including an optimized plan of alternatives, in just four weeks."

Was the short deadline the special challenge of this project?

That was certainly a special challenge, but there was also the fact that we were not looking for a process within a standardized outsourcing project. Instead, we were much more interested in the ability to come up with alternatives and a viable concept. Only someone with a great deal of specialist know-how and experience from other outsourcing projects could do that

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Which alternative did RAPS decide to go with?

The Atreus manager introduced us to a new model – an approach that we hadn’t previously considered: outfarming instead of outsourcing. That means that we outsourced our logistics to a subsidiary rather than to an external service provider. That forced us to optimize our own processes and analyze and improve our own work.

In retrospect, what was the best aspect of the Atreus manager’s performance?

He was able to make such a huge success of the project because he had no preconceptions about the company and because he was open to new and creative concepts. In combination with his extensive professional experience and no-nonsense approach, this led to rapid results and secured the success of the entire project.

"We are very proud that we succeeded in saving a number of jobs thanks to the outfarming concept. We owe that to Atreus."

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