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Plant relocation at ladder and scaffolding manufacturer Zarges

Case Study


After production volumes at Zarges Tubesca Group had fallen in reaction to the financial crisis, unprofitable sites needed to be closed and merged into less expensive, larger units. The task was to examine and execute a relocation of production from a plant in Germany to a facility in Hungary.


Atreus successfully relocated the plant. There was no decline in quality, nor were there any supply disadvantages for customers. Atreus built up systems for quality management and logistics and set up a connection to the SAP/R3 system.

Interview with Bernard Rothan, President of the Ladders and Scaffolding division of Zarges Tubesca Group

You decided to take on two Atreus experts. What were their responsibilities?

There are many things to do when relocating a factory, which have to be taken care of alongside the daily business of the management. Two key issues were preparing and ensuring the quality at the Kecskemét venue and the logistics connection to the European distribution system of Zarges Tubesca Group. We wanted to make sure at all costs that our customers would not experience any disadvantages through the new production site.


"It was especially important to us that the Atreus managers were rapidly able to prepare and execute the relocation with great expertise."

What were the focus topics for the Atreus quality manager?

The ladders we make in Peiting are well known on the market for their top quality. This needed to be upheld at the production site in Hungary. To ensure this, systematic analyses of the manufacturing process and possible error sources were required. The interim manager was not only a proven quality expert: he had also managed a factory in Hungary for several years in the past and spoke Hungarian.

What were the main issues facing the Atreus logistics manager?

The factory warehouse needed to be developed into a distribution center. In addition, more SAP functionalities had to be introduced and processes for seamless delivery to customers in Germany and other countries set up. The Atreus logistics manager had been successful with similar tasks several times in the past. He not only had extensive experience in setting up distribution centers but also possessed the required SAP know-how.

"The Atreus manager had the know-how required to set the IT systems up to meet the new demands."

“The plant relocation to Hungary was a big challenge for us. The Atreus managers were a key part of the relocation team.”

Bernard Rothan

“The plant relocation to Hungary was a big challenge for us. The Atreus managers were a key part of the relocation team.”

What objectives were set for Atreus?

Our primary goal was of course to ensure seamless supply of the market once distribution began in Hungary. Without the qualified preparation and execution of the relocation by Atreus, we wouldn’t have been able to cope with this major challenge on our own.

What were the special challenges of this project?

The Atreus managers needed to continuously adjust to new time schedules. They very efficiently met our quality management demands and prepared the site for the new logistics challenges in a highly qualified and target-oriented fashion.

"The Atreus managers had everything, from specialist knowledge to experience. They were really hard workers and quickly created a good working foundation with our staff."

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