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Post-merger integration at marketing company IP Deutschland

Case Study


With its first ever takeover, IP Deutschland acquired the vertical-content network Netzathleten Media, which markets advertising space on web pages. The directors of Netzathleten remained in post and the post-merger integration had to be realized quickly with them.


Atreus successfully managed the integration project. A new regional sales structure was set up by integrating the sales division. The new company strategy and the action plans derived from it meant we were able to structure the start-up in a way that made it ready for the future.

Interview with Paul Mudter, Director Interactive, IP Deutschland

Why did you call on Atreus?

For the simple reason that we didn’t have the personnel. Although Netzathleten is not a large company with 40 employees, it was no small task integrating the processes, adapting the structures, distributing the tasks and integrating the IT. 


"The Atreus manager was responsible for up to 100 work streams in the post-merger integration. Nobody at IP could have managed that alongside their normal daily business."

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What part of the integration posed the biggest problems?

Sales, without a doubt. We decided to build up a regional sales organization for Netzathleten. For that we hired new people who worked in the IP branches but who were responsible for Netzathleten. Of course, new reporting channels and coordination rules had to be designed for them and the regulations for the sales and business plan had to be adjusted. Many processes, roles and responsibilities also had to be developed and implemented from the ground up.

Were there any cultural conflicts?

I wouldn’t say they were cultural, but at one point two different traditions and ways of thinking did come up against each other. The issue was how to market residual space for simple online advertising. Both companies were and remain active in this field. We initially ran this through a joint adserver, but that led to our campaigns crowding each other out and the conflict gradually got worse and worse. The Atreus manager recognized the conflict and solved it.

"The Atreus manager also solved conflicts within the team."

Paul Mudter has been Director Interactive of IP Deutschland since 2009. Previously, he had worked as Head of Marketing and Sales at and as Board Spokesman at InteractiveMedia CCSP.

Paul Mudter

Paul Mudter has been Director Interactive of IP Deutschland since 2009. Previously, he had worked as Head of Marketing and Sales at and as Board Spokesman at InteractiveMedia CCSP.


"Levels of customer and partner satisfaction have improved enormously."

What other issues did the Atreus manager tackle?

He set Netzathleten up so that it was ready for the future. After all, it was still a start-up. It was successful, but there was no clear overall strategy for what goals it wanted to achieve in the coming years and how it planned to do so . The Atreus manager designed that strategy and derived the action plans for its execution. He also greatly improved levels of satisfaction among customers and partners.

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