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Post-merger integration at the technology group Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control

Case Study


Following the merger of various subsidiaries within the Freudenberg Group to form Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control GmbH & Co.KG. (FSVC), a new ERP system had to be installed fast. It was also necessary to ensure that the order processing of all divisions kept working smoothly during the transition to the comprehensive new ERP system. At the same time, work processes and procedures had to be optimized and joined together, and the sales staff had to be trained for new, external customer groups.


Atreus executed the post-merger integration quickly and successfully. Thanks to excellent change management, process chains could be standardized across all departments. The staff were trained in customer focus and conflict management, and with Atreus’ support, sales goals could continue to be achieved. 

Interview with Thomas Plingen, CEO of FSVC

How did Atreus proceed?

Atreus placed priority on sales processing to prevent production standstills. Together with the teams, the Atreus expert systematically  worked through the differences between the EDP systems so that the order backlogs could be compared. Another set of measures was the interdepartmental standardization of process chains.  


"Atreus implemented intensive change management, defined roles and responsibilities together with the divisional heads, developed reporting and controlling tools and trained the staff in customer focus and conflict management."


"A total of 120 employees were trained in the new processes at the various company venues. The Atreus manager was also jointly responsible for that."

What was the central task in this project?

The core processes at FSVC had to be defined together with all the company units and venues. On this basis, the new processes and instructions were drawn up and their respective responsibilities determined. The same was done with the management and support processes. Process seminars were held for the key users during the implementation phase. These were also run by the Atreus manager.



Engineering graduate Thomas Plingen was CEO of Freudenberg Schwab and Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control until the end of 2013. Prior to that, he worked as Managing Director at Sterling SIHI and as Head of Division at Leybold Vakuum.

Thomas Plingen

Engineering graduate Thomas Plingen was CEO of Freudenberg Schwab and Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control until the end of 2013. Prior to that, he worked as Managing Director at Sterling SIHI and as Head of Division at Leybold Vakuum.


"As soon as the Atreus manager discovered room for improvement somewhere, he proactively addressed the issue, which was of enormous benefit for the company."

So the Atreus manager was not just a troubleshooter?

No. He also undertook fundamental development work. And he took care of numerous other smaller things, more-or-less in passing, such as optimizing our debtor and inventory management. In coordination with the supply-chain organization, minimum and safety stock levels were redefined for each article, based on consumption and forecas?

"Together with the Atreus manager, we were able to master the typical hurdles of a software launch and then adopt the project on the basis of his plan."

You also commissioned him with the design of a company-wide CRM system.

Yes. The Atreus manager did all the preparatory work for that – from the project kick-off to workshops to determining functions, selecting suppliers, compiling requirement and product specifications, evaluating reference systems and precisely calculating ROI – which is relatively difficult for software launches

What was the Atreus manager’s biggest achievement?

He provided us with know-how and drive in special focal points on the basis of his wealth of experience. This directly contributed to the achievement of meeting our sales objectives without exception, despite massive changes in the company and no small number of problems!

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