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Production optimization at lighting company Tridonic.Atco

Case Study


Tridonic.Atco had reached a decisive phase in their development. While growing strongly, they needed to master the technological conversion to energy-efficient, innovative electronic product groups, and reorganize their organization to create a basis for sustainable growth.



Atreus executed the change project successfully and quickly. Production processes were restructured and the service and technology divisions were integrated, while at the same time meeting customer demands and ensuring continued production.

Interview with Dr. Rüdiger Kofahl, COO of Tridonic.Atco

What was the task you approached Atreus with?

We needed to restructure production. We broke down rigidly interlinked production lines and transformed them into autonomous units. The service and technology units also had to be integrated into the production reorganization. We turned to Atreus in this critical reorganization and restructuring phase.

Goals of the project

  • Ensure that customer demands were met
  • Uphold and further develop the CIP quality management system
  • Make process improvements
  • Optimize plant availability
  • Follow up on the effectiveness of the improvements

"Despite the change process, we were able to continue to meet all our customers' demands."

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Was he able to join the ongoing change program?

Yes. The manager was immediately able to ensure that our customers received the quantities they required in the specified quality, at the planned costs and within the promised deadlines.


What other successes did the Atreus manager achieve?

He launched the prefabrication module with a great deal of personal initiative and self-sufficiency. This meant we were able to react more quickly and flexibly to bigger order volumes. He increased the use of temporary workers to handle order peaks and disturbances, and built up a pool of temporary workers. In the field of production, he launched an intensive 5S program to systematically reorganize the workplaces and redesigned the employee suggestion scheme.

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