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Realignment of lighting provider Zumtobel’s LED division

Case Study


Zumtobel’s new LED Division bundles the activities of the Zumtobel Group’s former LED start-ups. The new organization has an annual growth target of 40 - 50%. Consistent industrialization of the fledgling production sites and professionalization of the supply chain were necessary to drive growth. 


Atreus was able to exceed the theoretically calculated maximum capacity of the newly installed production lines in less than three months! A major shake-up at the start-up didn't take long. The result: marked professionalization among the relatively young employees and executives. 

Interview with Peter Petz, director operations, Zumtobel LED division

What was the situation when you called in atreus?

In recent years, our dynamic external growth has made massive changes in the direction of industrialization, particularly the traditional field of operations, absolutely essential. We therefore installed an entirely new production site based on lean principles at our main production site in Jennersdorf. 


"As a leading provider of sophisticated innovative application-oriented LED lighting solutions we want to give a new dimension to light."

What tasks did the atreus manager assume?

The Atreus manager helped us to ensure the tamp-up on the new lines as well as to establish professional sourcing. In addition, he was also tasked with introducing the division-wide risk management concept as well as with the design and creation of a QM system. 

What results and improvements were you able to attain by using an interim manager?

theoretically calculated maximum capacity in less than three months! With consistent risk management, we were able to identify potential losses with a significant impact on the operating result at an early stage. 

„A colleague told me about interim management. My experience after 12 months with Atreus shows that this model is a 100% success."

Peter Patz, director operations, Zumtobel LED division

„A colleague told me about interim management. My experience after 12 months with Atreus shows that this model is a 100% success."


"After my positive experience, I would recommend Atreus and interim management to anyone looking for a short-term professional management solution for key functions."

What advantages do you see in working with atreus?

Atreus very quickly introduced several suitably qualified managers for the specific requirements. It was an extremely short-term and efficient solution! 

Corporate Profile Zumtobel LED Division

Zumtobel LED Division is a global supplier of intelligent LED lighting solutions and components. The LED Division of the international Zumtobel Group realizes application-oriented LED lighting solutions for a fascinating environment on the basis of LED technologie.

The innovative solutions create a wide-range of opportunities for the creative use of light in design, architecture and art.

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