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Reorganization at a national branch of T-Systems

Case Study


T-Systems was looking for a managing director who could take over the leadership of T-Systems Nordics for a limited period. His task would be to restructure the company and raise its profitability. The competition in the industry had become more intense and the Scandinavian subsidiary’s service portfolio lacked a clear profile. 


Atreus made a success of the restructuring and in particular of the reorganization of the sales structures. The Atreus manager succeeded in professionalizing the sales processes, both within the company and with regard to the customers, and set up improved sales management. 

Interview with Thomas Leiber, Managing Director of T-Systems Nordics

What objectives did you set the Atreus manager?

In a difficult market environment, the Scandinavian subsidiary of T-Systems was to be reoriented to improve its profitability. After parting ways with our old managing director, the interim manager’s main task was to ensure that business continued as quickly as possible. 


"T-Systems Nordics had to be examined thoroughly and structured for a strong future."

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How did the Atreus manager tackle this challenge?

The future local strategy could be analyzed and set up by an external expert from the industry. So it was highly beneficial that our Atreus manager was able to very quickly gain a comprehensive impression of the company. He examined the opportunities that T-Systems had on the Nordic market and assessed the market and sales situations in individual Scandinavian countries in a conservative-realistic manner. Within just a few weeks, we received the first extensive evaluation of the current situation. 

When did you start seeing successes?

The reorganization of T-Systems in the Nordic countries began as soon as the sales plan was compiled. Three or four months after the manager began work, our incoming orders already exceeded those of the entire previous year. That meant we had accomplished a significant milestone in terms of risk minimization. 

"Within just three days, Atreus provided an interim manager who was a perfect fit, with the experience we needed in international restructuring and sales issues."


"The Atreus manager promoted a transparent communication culture and included the team in the decision-making processes."

What was the lever for success?

From the entire range of T-Systems services, the Atreus manager concentrated sales activities on just a few portfolio elements and offered these products with more focus. He managed to set up improved sales management. 

"The Atreus manager quickly presented us with his assessment of our situation and with an extensive action plan for further accelerating the growth of the Scandinavian subsidiary. The implementation and reorientation were a great success!"

What were the most important components of the restructuring plan?

The focus was on improving efficiency and reducing costs, but most of all on improving sales and the support of newly acquired customers. That was a key signal: it is easy to cut staff levels in a company but motivating and keeping employees is a critical success factor. 

What happened in the phase of transition to the new managing director?

Part of the interim manager’s mandate was to help the international management find and prepare a successor. This transition went completely smoothly. If necessary, the Atreus manager continues to be available for the odd phone call. 

"On the Atreus manager’s recommendation, we changed our sales strategy and addressed customer groups in a more focused fashion. It worked!"

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