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Reorganization of the sales unit at media company Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag

Case Study


Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag merged the sales units of its three divisions: Card Systems, Media and Systems. By joining the sales teams together, a new and more efficient sales structure was to be built up and sales controlling implemented.


Atreus built up a new organizational structure and the sales controlling function from scratch. Despite a large product range, Atreus succeeded in doing so quickly and effectively – along with active sales controlling. This led to a significant increase in transparency at all levels.

Interview with Jürgen Schneider, Managing Director of Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag

What was the situation in your company when you called on Atreus?

DSV is divided up into three divisions: Card Systems, Media and Systems. Each of these divisions has its own, product-oriented sales team. But the sales structure was not efficient enough and it was not always easy to coordinate the divisions. For this reason, we decided to bring the sales activities of the three divisions together.



"We planned to build up a new sales structure to make our company’s external activities more coordinated and to promote solutions that crossed divisional boundaries."

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What objectives did you set the Atreus manager?

His job was to support the Sales Director in establishing a uniform sales strategy. The primary goal was to implement suitable KPIs. Just as important, however, was the reworking and redesign of the information, authorization and processing procedures. Another goal was to plan and set up sales channel management.

How did the interim manager lead the project?

We structured the project in stages with a success-orientation. In one of the first phases, the manager quickly succeeded in setting up the organizational structure and creating the foundation for sales controlling. He also adjusted the sales strategy and introduced performance-enhancing measures to get our sales teams fit for the increasingly tough competition in the market.

"After just four months, Sales Controlling was able to use the main control tools. Client allocation was adjusted and visits to customers tripled in frequency compared to the previous year."

Jürgen Schneider is Managing Director of Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH. He was appointed to the executive board of DSV Group in November 2006 and has held several management positions within DSV Group since the end of 2000.

Jürgen Schneider

Jürgen Schneider is Managing Director of Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH. He was appointed to the executive board of DSV Group in November 2006 and has held several management positions within DSV Group since the end of 2000.

What were the Atreus manager’s biggest successes?

Thanks to the Atreus manager, our Sales Controlling department was able to use all the key controlling tools. Customers were reallocated and there is now one single person responsible for customers. Sales KPIs were defined as well as the corresponding reporting in SAP BW/CRM. For the first time in DSV’s history, the objectives for the ongoing business year were broken down into individual customers and divisions.

How was the internal collaboration?

The Atreus manager was supported by a team of four former controllers and staff from the different divisions. Cooperation within the team was very constructive and the discussion phase quickly moved on to become the implementation phase. Overall, the interim manager’s acceptance level within the company was very high.

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