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Restructuring at automotive supplier KOKI TECHNIK Transmission Systems

Case Study


KOKI TECHNIK suffered a serious drop in sales as a consequence of the global financial crisis and had scaled back production. In the subsequent recovery phase, the company parted company with its plant manager. The interim manager was hired to not only manage and control production, but also to systematically exploit any new business opportunities that arose.


Atreus succeeded in adapting the structures and processes at KOKI TECHNIK in a way that not only greatly increased production but also improved quality.

Interview with Nico Beltrame, Managing Director of KOKI TECHNIK

The atreus manager began his mandate managing around 400 staff: By the end of the project, that number was almost 700. that is a growth rate that takes some dealing with!

Indeed. And that was without doubt what the Atreus manager deserved most credit for: enabling us to exploit the business opportunities that presented themselves. He also adapted our production processes, logistics and organization, vastly expanding production while not just maintaining but improving the quality level.


"The Atreus manager recognized the chance to gain new production space. That enabled us to meet all our customer demands."

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"One challenge led to the next: We enjoyed major successes and commissioned Atreus with ever more projects. We were very happy that the mandate was extended."

How did that come about?

We had the opportunity to realize a major new project for VW. Atreus was able to convince us to take on the project in our own company, even though it meant making extensive changes to our production layout. In addition, manufacturing orders had to be taken over by another site within the Group, which meant that even more space was required. If we couldn’t set up the required production capacities, we were going to lose a lot of business.

How did you solve this problem?

At that time, a factory was closed nearby. On the Atreus manager’s advice, we took over that facility. This gave us a second production location and we were also able move our logistics center there so we could complete the VW project in-house.


After working as plant manager and head of technical sales, Nico Beltrame was appointed to the position of Managing Director of KOKI TECHNIK Transmission Systems GmbH. He began his career at Siemens AG in the equipment business for tool and production machines.


"The Atreus manager made an enormous impression in the field of quality assurance by implementing a TPM concept and an extensive 5-S program."

There was presumably not much time to find a new permanent plant manager

As the Atreus manager was doing outstanding work and the fit was good on a personal level as well, we were very happy that he was willing to stay much longer than originally agreed. 

The atreus manager then set out to improve our quality

This was urgently needed, as our customers’ demands on quality are rising all the time. The Atreus manager also took over responsibility for quality assurance and made a huge impact.


"Together with the Atreus manager, we established a new management level so that we were prepared for future growth on an organizational basis as well."

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