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Restructuring of the IT company Tech Data

Case Study


After a consolidation phase, Tech Data Deutschland started on a course of expansion and market-share enlargement with a restructuring of its sales and marketing organizations. During the transition phase, support was needed for a limited time to make a success of the changes. 


Together with Atreus, the IT provider Tech Data achieved a double-figure increase in sales. The sales department was restructured within an extremely short period of time, creating the foundation for further profitable growth. 

Interview with Klaus Schlichtherle, CEO of Tech Data

What was the situation at your company when you called on Atreus for help?

We had been through an intense consolidation phase in Germany in the previous years and now had the chance to start growing and gaining market share. We needed new ideas and approaches for this reorganization and additional support in the team to be able to implement the many new activities required quickly and professionally. 


"We wanted to show the market again that we are the best provider. To do so, we needed an experienced manager who could help, among other things, in quickly restructuring our sales organization and implementing whatever was necessary to generate further growth."

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What goals did you pursue with the interim manager?

The objectives were to achieve quantifiable successes such as improved turnover and efficiency in our sales department, as well as to optimize the contact points with marketing, logistics and procurement. But soft factors were extremely important as well: increasing staff motivation, more aggressive selling, better human resource management, greater customer focus and taking a more entrepreneurial approach to our work. 

What demands did you place on the Atreus manager?

We needed an experienced and successful sales professional with at least ten years of related management behind him, especially in the IT and telecommunications industry. He had to be very hands-on for the implementation and a good leader – and of course the chemistry had to be right. 

“I can definitely recommend interim management and Atreus. Since that first mandate, we have used interim managers in other areas as well and have enjoyed excellent results.”

Klaus Schlichtherle

“I can definitely recommend interim management and Atreus. Since that first mandate, we have used interim managers in other areas as well and have enjoyed excellent results.”


"We wanted to form ourselves into a strongly outbound organization. Daily calls by our employees increased by 50 percent and our selling power rose significantly."

What were the Atreus manager’s primary responsibilities?

It was important to build up a strong sales team and sales structure. One essential tool was closer leadership through key performance indicators. Continuous daily recording and reporting of sales performance generated transparency, motivation and the ambition to do better. In the key accounts area, more support and customer loyalty among our biggest clients were the focus. All divisions were tasked to boost their sales activities to transform the company from an inbound to a strongly outbound organization.

What were the biggest successes achieved with Atreus?

Even while the project was still ongoing, we achieved double-figure sales improvements. The Atreus manager provided us with new impulses and was a great support for our management team.


"Significant benefits from working with Atreus are the rapid availability of experienced managers and the flexibility of being able to find top experts, even in difficult situations."

Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems quickly and reliably. Contact us and find out how we can help you master your situation with management expertise that is available at short notice and that is the perfect fit for you.

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