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Restructuring of telecommunication provider Versatel

Case Study


The price war within the German DSL market led to falling average sales per customer and the falling profit margins had a negative effect on the operating result. Against this background, a program was launched at Versatel to improve earnings and secure the company’s long-term competitiveness. The activities ranged from restructurings to drastic cost reductions and staff adjustments.


Atreus quickly made a success of the restructuring program. The HR restructuring specialist expertly negotiated with internal stakeholders, employees, the staff council and the unions. The improved structures and processes meant that Versatel could be set up to be competitive and strong for the future.

Peer Knauer, as CEO of Versatel AG

Why did you call on Atreus?

We were confronted with entirely new challenges in the restructuring program. There were tasks that required the know-how and expertise of a specialist, but at the same time the total implementation reliability that only an experienced manager could offer. We wanted an HR man who wasn’t doing a restructuring for the first time – and we didn’t have any time to lose looking for one. 

Central goals of the project

  • Centralization and streamlining of the organizational structure
  • Process improvements in all business fields
  • A new location concept
  • Personnel adjustments
  • Significant increase of profitability and efficiency

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What prerequisites did the Atreus manager have to meet?

Specialist know-how, experience and a hands-on approach were the focal points, while total expertise in restructuring projects was a must. The interim manager had to be well versed in the legal challenges of an HR restructuring, as well as having dealt successfully with similar situations several times in the past. He also needed to be strong at the operational level.

What was involved in the restructuring project?

It was based on two pillars: the first was a bundle of immediate measures for quickly exploiting potential for more efficiency. The second pillar describes aspects of operational excellence: i.e., an improvement of organizational structure, processes and IT, as well as marketing and sales effectiveness, with the aim of securing lasting competitiveness and growth opportunities. Of course, the efficiency improvements went hand in hand with significant adjustments of staff capacities.

Peer became CEO of Versatel AG in 2007. He has worked in management positions for more than 15 years. Past employers include TeleBel Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation Bergisches Land mbH and Tropolys GmbH.

Peer Knauer

Peer became CEO of Versatel AG in 2007. He has worked in management positions for more than 15 years. Past employers include TeleBel Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation Bergisches Land mbH and Tropolys GmbH.


"We made the Atreus manager project manager in addition to his responsibilities as Head of HR, before ultimately offering him a personal position."

Would you call on Atreus again?

For us, interim managers are always the best solution when we are faced with challenges that require a special track record to ensure that they are mastered well. But also when we also know we won’t need that expertise to the same extent once the situation is taken care of – and when we are in a hurry. So when we are under pressure to fill a line or project position and have to be understood quickly, Atreus is always our first choice.

Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems quickly and reliably. Contact us and find out how we can help you master your situation with management expertise that is available at short notice and that is the perfect fit for you.

Atreus is a co-founder of Globalise – the market’s leading and largest provider of international interim management. Accelerating change and delivering success. Worldwide. Structured as a global group of leading interim management firms, Globalise has the reach to support you in solving your company’s most important issues around the world.

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