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Globalise – The Global Interim Management Group – enables you to solve tough business challenges. Individually selected from our managed network of thousands of experts worldwide, our managers will rapidly and accurately understand your situation and achieve your specific goals: quickly, reliably and always successfully. Wherever you are in the world and whatever it takes.

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Atreus experts manage complex projects with a view to increasing earnings

Innovation, international locations, time-to-market and cost pressures – companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are facing major challenges in a highly competitive global market. At Atreus, we support our clients in their strategic projects through the quick and precise deployment of management resources.

Together with our clients, Atreus manages demanding requirements at C-level in terms of functions as well as projects and programs.


Atreus managers have extensive industry expertise, international experience and have successfully accomplished complex projects many times in the past.

If you are looking for a Manager with in-depth expertise in the healthcare, life science or chemicals industry and outstanding management skills, get in touch.

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Case Studies

Interim managers in the pharmaceuticals industry

The pharmaceuticals industry is facing unprecedented challenges. For years, the number of newly registered drugs has been declining. At the same time, associated with the expiration of several key patents, billions in revenue are up for grabs and regulatory pressure is steadily increasing. Then there is ongoing digitization. New and partly non-industry players are entering the market.

New technologies such as wearables and health apps are increasing the pressure on established manufacturers while innovation pressure is also rising. In many companies, research and development represents as much as 20 percent of turnover.

Pharmaceutical companies are attempting to address these effects in various ways. This is why we are experiencing more mergers and acquisitions aimed at tapping economies of scale and global presence – especially in the generic drug industry. Frequently, they collaborate with innovative but often financially weak biotech companies. But these partnerships are not without problems and have a number of pitfalls.

Whether a difficult market environment, cross-sector or internal collaborations, international projects or global R&D and innovation management, Atreus managers quickly and successfully solve the task at hand.

Interim managers in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is struggling with a number of challenges, especially in production and order processing. Consolidation pressure is high and to that is added tough competition in a globalized environment. In short, the challenges facing the industry are many and varied.

Given the rising costs and pressure on margins, many companies have moved their production lines to Asia. But not even this step has proved wholly unproblematic. The range of potential problem areas extends from compliance issues through cultural differences to legal issues, which need to be confronted before a success can be made of business decisions.

Atreus managers draw directly on the expertise acquired from many successful projects – from the relocation of production facilities to the optimization of business processes. They are characterized by their knowledge of industry-specific peculiarities, international markets and the neutral view they are able to take from an outsider’s perspective. This quality in particular allows them to accompany, manage and successfully master difficult processes.

Interim managers in the hospital and healthcare sector

The hospital and healthcare sector is facing the major demographic challenges of our time and finds itself under tremendous pressure in many areas. Growing life expectancy among large sections of the population is leading to an increased need for medical and nursing provision.

These effects are only likely to intensify in the coming years. At the same time, many hospitals and nursing homes are already struggling with rising costs, inefficient processes and other structural problems. This scenario is making it necessary for a large portion of the industry to adapt its structures and processes to meet the coming burdens.



Atreus managers from the hospital sector provide support in the areas of restructuring and reorganization, as well as earnings improvement.

Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems quickly and reliably. Contact us and find out how we can help you master your situation with management expertise that is available at short notice and that is the perfect fit for you.

Atreus is a co-founder of Globalise – the market’s leading and largest provider of international interim management. Accelerating change and delivering success. Worldwide. Structured as a global group of leading interim management firms, Globalise has the reach to support you in solving your company’s most important issues around the world.