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IT Carve-ins and Carve-outs

Atreus manages highly complex IT transformations, taking into account all interfaces, while ensuring smooth business operations during the transition period. In an IT carve-in, Atreus’ IT experts plan and steer the optimal post-merger integration of systems that have hitherto operated parallel to one another. In a carve-out process, these experts play the lead role in implementing an independent IT division in the spun-off corporate unit or in integrating the IT landscape into a new organization.

Atreus deploys individual managers as, for example, CIOs, project heads or project managers or, where needed, as a team of IT transformation professionals.

Challenges posed by IT carve-ins and carve-outs

  • Carve-outs of IT architecture must take place during ongoing operations – and at the same time ensure that business operations proceed smoothly.
  • The company would also like to meet growth targets, or IT has to support growth.
  • The difficulties involved in managing IT and integrating the IT landscape during a carve-out are often underestimated.
  • The projects are highly complex – for example, it is necessary to adhere to a logical sequence in carving out an IT department, in order to ensure smooth business operations.
  • Often, important rules and processes have yet to be clarified.
  • Ongoing service operations must be ensured during the transition period, if necessary by transferring them to another organization.
  • Either the organizations lack sufficient know-how and particularly “know-do” for extensive, highly complex IT carve-in and carve-out processes, or the resources are tied up conducting day-to-day business.
  • Costs often run out of control, with the result that the carve-out or IT post-merger integration devolves into a crisis.

IT carve-outs have to be carried out during ongoing operations. This is as tricky as replacing a car’s engine while driving it at 100 mph.

Our expertise in IT carve-in and carve-out processes

  • Steering and implementation of the entire IT transformation: from well-founded analysis to continual monitoring of success – or just for individual project phases
  • Setting of budgetary frameworks (evaluation of, for example, license costs and remanence costs) and time-line project plans based on experience from numerous comparable projects that were brought to successful conclusions.
  • Discovery of all IT-related topics, e.g. also hidden IT topics (“shadow IT”)
  • Creation of an effective central project organization
  • Formulation of contractual provisions and service-level agreements and analyses based on checklists (What licenses are needed? How is data transfer handled? What know-how will be needed in future?) 
  • Continual monitoring of project progress and budget adherence – so that our clients have full control over the costs
  • Use of all technical resources that would contribute to the project’s success: the competence network affords access to further competencies, for example for supporting measures (e.g. attorneys with an affinity to IT)
  • Mobilization of staff members and managers and continual change management
  • Coaching, for example of a new CIO

If you want to avoid frictional losses and high costs in a complex IT carve-out or carve-in, get in touch.

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