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Globalise – The Global Interim Management Group – enables you to solve tough business challenges. Individually selected from our managed network of thousands of experts worldwide, our managers will rapidly and accurately understand your situation and achieve your specific goals: quickly, reliably and always successfully. Wherever you are in the world and whatever it takes.

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Atreus pricing specialists help exploit optimization potential in terms of pricing and increase your company’s profits. Atreus managers quickly identify potentials, derive measures and employ their expertise in pricing to manage implementation: reliably, effectively and sustainably.

Atreus managers leverage earnings potential through optimized pricing in the following situations

  • Diminishing margins
  • Decreasing sales
  • Price pressure and price war in the market
  • Preparing for price negotiations
  • High uncertainty about possible price margins 

    Atreus expertise in implementing pricing initiatives

    • Identification of potentials for process optimization through analytic pricing expertise
    • Definition of a tailor-made pricing strategy and derivation of concrete recommendations for action
    • Implementation of a rapid and substantial earnings effect with minimal upfront investment
    • Competitive market pricing with sustainable earnings effects
    • Establishment of pricing as a core process in the organization
    • Realization of a potential from three to five percentage points EBIT margin (industry-specific)
    • Achieving quick wins that will take effect in the first year: e.g. by passing on external cost increases

    If you would like to know how you can improve your EBIT through pricing – ideally by several percentage points – get in touch.

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    Case Studies

    The five pillars of price optimization

    Short-term effectiveness

    • Minimize margin erosion (avoidable costs)
    • Minimize price erosion (margin lost in procurement)

    Medium-term effectiveness

    • Minimize value erosion (after the sale)
    • Maximize willingness to pay
    • Minimize perceived price

    Exemplary optimization approaches in pricing

    • Implement partial conversion to natural discounts with commission and (specialist) dealers
    • Consistent application of existing conditions and elimination of pricing leakages
    • Avoid double discounting, e.g. with central purchasing
    • Conversion of general discounts to performance-based discounts, e.g. storage or object discounts
    • Bypassing a rebate on external services, e.g. freight and forwarding costs
    • Passing on external cost increases in price development through better contractual arrangements

    Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems quickly and reliably. Contact us and find out how we can help you master your situation with management expertise that is available at short notice and that is the perfect fit for you.

    Atreus is a co-founder of Globalise – the market’s leading and largest provider of international interim management. Accelerating change and delivering success. Worldwide. Structured as a global group of leading interim management firms, Globalise has the reach to support you in solving your company’s most important issues around the world.

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