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Globalise – The Global Interim Management Group – enables you to solve tough business challenges. Individually selected from our managed network of thousands of experts worldwide, our managers will rapidly and accurately understand your situation and achieve your specific goals: quickly, reliably and always successfully. Wherever you are in the world and whatever it takes.

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Restructuring and Turnaround

With its expertise and management resources, Atreus covers all the phases of a restructuring. Our turnaround professionals deliver outstanding results in strategic, earnings or later in liquidity crises. Individual managers or teams of restructuring experts quickly identify the important weaknesses and launch measures to successfully master the turnaround.

Typical challenges in a crisis

  • Insecurity and falling motivation among managers and employees and a loss of faith among external stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, business partners)
  • A lack of experience and expertise in the field of transformations in the staff
  • Keeping the required staff capacities in the daily business
  • Management deficits and often a corporate culture that is resistant to change
  • Shareholder structure often heterogeneous and even partially incompatible, and contrary motivations and goals of the individual parties and stakeholders

The seriousness of the crisis is often initially underestimated – and consequently the countermeasures are launched later than they should be.

Our expertise in restructurings and turnarounds

  • Managing and implementing the entire restructuring project: from the in-depth analysis to ongoing success control
  • Setting up an effective, central project organization and continually monitoring the successes and measuring the operational realization by the Program Office or a Program Officer
  • Designing scenarios (e.g. restructuring or sale) and operationalizing the restructuring program with clear objectives based on a vision for the future
  • Defining and quickly implementing measures to increase sales while at the same time reducing the working capital and overhead costs
  • Rapid execution of change measures (materials costs, production)
  • Close collaboration with the shareholders, but also with the stakeholders, managers, staff and staff council
  • Mobilizing the staff and management and continuous change management
  • Building up faith among the relevant internal and external stakeholders through professional communication (success stories and quick wins)
  • Coaching the management team

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Case Studies

Our restructuring clients are typically …

  • Loss-making subsidiaries of international company groups
  • Poorly-earning companies from the portfolio of private equity companies
  • Non-performing SMEs

In restructurings, Atreus uses a team comprising a CRO and a Program Officer. An experienced Atreus Director is also always part of this team.

Profile of a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

  • Proven experience and successes in restructuring situations, also in the executive positions of Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) and/or interim CEO
  • Operational decision-making and implementation expertise within the scope of the assignment from the shareholders and the rules of procedure
  • Authenticity of the CRO and high social intelligence coupled with assertiveness in taking necessary restructuring actions
  • Communicating, negotiating and persuasive skills in dealings with the various stakeholders
  • Combination of operational, financial, organizational, strategic and sales skills
  • Experience with the specifics of the respective corporate culture and structure (be it a mid-sized family company or a company from a private equity portfolio)

Your added value when working with Atreus

  • FAST AND EXPERIENCED: We are quickly at your side with interim managers with extensive restructuring experience, ensuring your company always remains able to act.
  • PERFECT FIT AND FLEXIBLE: We complement the installed Atreus Manager with temporary and perfectly suited further experts from our high-power network when required.
  • LASTING AND EFFECTIVE: We are confident of making a success of our projects. That is why our remuneration model contains fixed and variable components.

Atreus is the leading interim management provider in Germany and one of the largest in its field in Europe. We solve difficult operational management and transformation problems quickly and reliably. Contact us and find out how we can help you master your situation with management expertise that is available at short notice and that is the perfect fit for you.

Atreus is a co-founder of Globalise – the market’s leading and largest provider of international interim management. Accelerating change and delivering success. Worldwide. Structured as a global group of leading interim management firms, Globalise has the reach to support you in solving your company’s most important issues around the world.

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