Atreus Awards

Thanks to everyone whose wave of enthusiasm has made us a multiple award-winning provider of interim management

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Atreus has received several awards

Over the years, our customers and competitors have awarded us top positions in the interim management category as well as in many other industry and competence areas. This shows that our consulting and implementation expertise in all these fields is clearly perceived in the market.

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Atreus is a hidden champion among consulting companies

The Hidden Champion Award is given only to those companies whose clients consider them to have a higher level of expertise in a particular field than the three large consulting firms Bain, Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey.

We are a Hidden Champion in the category “Interim Management”.

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Best consultant and top consultant 2022/3

Since the beginning of the Best Consultant and Top Consultant awards, Atreus has been one of the most renowned consulting firms and can continue to expand its top positions in the categories in 2022/3:

Automotive, Change Management, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry, Digitization, Trade incl. E-Commerce, Human Resources, IT Consulting & IT Implementation, Interim Management, Consumer Goods, Life Science, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Operations Management, Performance Improvement, Human Resources Consulting, Restructuring


„These great awards can certainly be explained by the fact that we have consistently been positioning ourselves in the field of interim management as a cross-sector solution provider with a high level of implementation expertise. The approach of bundling our expertise in the Atreus Solution Groups is paying off and is clearly appreciated by our customers.“


„In these challenging times, it is not only a matter of bridging vacancies, but very much a matter of high transformation competence or the realignment and implementation of strategies through the use of highly experienced line and project managers.“

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Gold for Brand Management

A prestigious recognition for the Atreus brand: Gold at the German Brand Awards 2020and 2023! The awards confirm the high level Atreus has established as a brand. We took the awards in calmness – and used them as an opportunity to perform even better for our customers and our partners.

atreus_german brand award awards 2023

And once again Winner German Brand Award 2023

Gold for Brand Strategy and Creation

Atreus’ video presentation on the concept of “Strategic Co-Branding” was particularly highlighted. This involves working closely with Fraunhofer Alumni to exploit the potential of the partnership. The 4th Innovation Lounge “The Future of Industrial Energy Supply – Quo Vadis?” in summer 2022 offered experts from industry and Fraunhofer Alumni the opportunity to discuss and summarise the current state of development of hydrogen as an energy hope carrier.

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More Awards

We are Great!

As a “Great Place to Work” and as one of Bavaria’s Best Employers, we are completely satisfied and can focus entirely on our mission: on you!

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Climate neutral

We have had the greenhouse gas emissions of Atreus tracked and are balancing them out by contributing to a climate protection project. But clearly, we want to and will continue to reduce them.