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Atreus shapes success

With our network of more than 15,000 experts – doers – we are re-imagining interim management. Today, we are better than yesterday – but not quite as good as tomorrow. That is what we are all about. We live and love transformation.
It is precisely this attitude that makes the difference.
An Atreus-approved manager brings enthusiasm, experience and drive for success to every mission he or she undertakes. It doesn’t matter whether it is an executive- or project-level engagement.
“Mission accomplished” is always the only option.
Perhaps that is why Atreus is now the Number 1 for interim management in German-speaking countries and the leader in Europe. And has won “Best Consultant” eight times in a row.

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The Hidden Champion Award is only presented to companies whose clients certify that they have a higher level of expertise in a particular field than the three large consulting firms: Bain, Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey. We have been named a Hidden Champion in the “Interim Management” category.

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What we are about

Interim Management 2030 – our vision

We believe in a bright future in which Atreus-approved managers become a strategic force and a dependable driving force for sustainable progress in all major industries.



More than 2,000 projects in Europe and worldwide of course give us plenty to talk about. But we prefer to let the experts from the Atreus network have their say here. And, of course, our clients. Our project one-pagers and case studies provide a compact summary of the most interesting facts.

Facts & Figures

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About Atreus

Atreus guarantees to find the perfect interim manager (m/f/d) for missions that permit only one option: sustainable success. Our global network of experienced interim managers is among the best in the world. In close cooperation with the experts at Atreus, our interim managers release forces on site that will catapult your company to the next level in a future-proof manner.
Globalise represents a superlative worldwide interim manager network. Atreus was the initiator and co-designer of the 60,000-strong network of expertise. In this way, globally distributed companies worldwide are able to benefit from local partners who are committed to our “We shape success” positioning.