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Purchase Support at Europe-wide Supplier 

Development of a Europe-wide tender process and logistics concept for a medium-sized automotive supplier with several locations in Europe. 


Company Details

  • Manufacturer of auto batteries for OE and after-sales markets
  • 9 plants in EMEA region (Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, and France)
  • Sales of ca. € 500 M with 3.600 staff

Situation and Challenge​

  • Strong growth despite pandemic
  • Securing supplies despite scarcity of materials in worldwide markets
  • Lack of market knowledge in select mediate purchasing areas
  • Long-term relationships with suppliers

Objective and Tasks

  • Europe-wide call for tender (charge carrier, personal protection gear, MRO)
  • Development of a logistics concept for the distribution of personal protection gear across all plants
  • Training of new procurement staff, Communication with suppliers pertaining new purchasing portal

Measures and Approach

  • Create transparency as to the range of needs of individual plants
  • Build competitive system for individual tenders (e-Auction, RfQ)​
  • Motivate suppliers to tender their offers, final negotiation of contracts   

Results and Achievements

  • 8% reduction of materials costs ​
  • Secured supply with scarce materials in the face of rising needs
  • Digitalization of tender process, building network of high-performing  alternative suppliers