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Driving forward

General Management

By “senior managers” we mean people who lead powerfully, based on professional and human skills. If they are also committed to the tried and true and open to new ideas, they are a good fit for Atreus. Our strength in identifying leaders of this caliber and placing them with pinpoint accuracy is a major part of our success story. It’s a story that we continue every day, live and in color, with our clients – from start-ups to DAX-listed corporations.

Service Offerings


We are no strangers to complex challenges and our directors are right at home in the world of C-level decision-making. Atreus will quickly find the right, tried-and-tested people for your project, who will act and implement swiftly and decisively. At the same time, Atreus directors remain on-hand as sparring partners. Our network can also activate additional Achievers at short notice – from experts to CEOs.

We support you in challenges in general management with the following services, among others:


The company has a short-term need for a proven performer in a first- or second-level line function whose rapid deployment is critical to the company’s continued success.


We quickly strengthen your team with a qualified+ interim manager – a genuine personality with leadership skills – and deliver the right person (m/f/d) for your company situation. Atreus’ hand-picked interim managers are perfectly suited to your challenge and ready for immediate deployment – nationally and internationally, on-site or remotely, as required.


A suitable Atreus approved interim manager takes on full operational responsibility for successfully securing and developing your business as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief HR Officer, Chief Operation Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer or as Head of Controlling, Finance, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, IT, Marketing, Sales, Client Service, Logistics, Production or Human Resources. As “Storm Proof Achievers,” Atreus interim managers are more than capable of tackling your special challenge. They act in a professional, thoughtful and hands-on manner that provides a perfect fit for your needs.


You need a proven restructuring expert quickly because you are facing a fundamental transformation in a financially challenging situation. The future of the company or a group division is at stake. You need exactly the right interim manager to realign the company. Because right now, every step has to be the right one and all key stakeholders must be taken along as part of the transformation process.


We immediately place the 1 perfect restructuring expert at your side, who is ideal for your challenging situation. He or she will only accept one result – success – and will see the assignment through, even when it is not easy. Why. Atreus’ hand-picked interim managers have successfully implemented similar or more complex restructuring projects in your industry many times before. We know exactly which “Storm Proof Achiever” will put your company on the road to success. Atreus+: If required, in addition to the 1 Chief Restructuring Officer, well-coordinated teams of restructuring experts are available for more extensive transformations.


An Atreus approved restructuring expert joins your team and takes responsibility as Chief Restructuring Officer in all phases of the transformation. The Atreus manager delivers professional results in a strategic and financial manner, even during a liquidity crisis. As a CRO or as part of a team of restructuring experts, he or she quickly identifies weak points and immediately implements key measures. During the restructuring phase, the Atreus Directors are always on-hand as sparring partners.

Our Team

All the members of our team advise you on the interim filling of top management positions. Depending on their expertise and experience, the individual members focus on different industries.