Partner & Director, Head of Solution Group Automotive
Stefan Randak
+49 89 452249-390

Stefan Randak is Head of Atreus’ Automotive Solution Group. His focus spans the entire automotive value chain, encompassing tasks and projects in areas such as procurement, logistics, supply chain, development, production, sales, HR, IT, controlling & finance, and executive management (C-Level).

Stefan Randak has a distinguished international career in renowned automotive companies, boasting over 25 years of international experience in general management, project management, and change management. Among other positions he has served as General Manager (CEO) for Daimler AG both domestically and internationally. Due to his long-standing consulting activity as a manager and corporate/HR advisor, he has an excellent network within the automotive industry and is regarded as a respected and esteemed interlocutor for both manufacturers and suppliers. He also serves as a lecturer at a university for applied sciences and is a sought-after conversational partner in the automotive and general business press.


  • Automotive (manufacturers & suppliers)
  • Interface industries: Machinery and plant engineering, it


  • Project management in all functional areas along the automotive value chain
  • Challenges in the area of alternative drive, car connectivity, autonomous driving, driving safety and assistance systems, cyber security, sustainability
  • Realignment/transformation of companies (product, strategy, processes, capacities, footprint) under disruptive and digital aspects as well as sustainability aspects
  • Process, cost and efficiency improvement measures
  • International challenges
  • Filling of specialist and executive positions ad interim and on a permanent basis as well as advisory board functions


  • General Manager (CEO and CFO) for Daimler AG domestically and abroad
  • CEO of various international automotive companies (subsidiaries and family businesses)
  • Director and Head of the Solution Group Automotive at Atreus