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Interim Management 

Interim Management
by Atreus:
Success achieved. 

Your right to maximum performance comes first with Atreus,
#1 interim management company in Europe.

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We shape success. 

Storm Proof Achievers 

Atreus guarantees the perfect interim resource (m/f/d) for missions that allow only one option: sustainable success. Our global network of experienced interim managers is among the best in the world. Working closely with the experts at Atreus, our interim managers release forces on site that will take your company to the next level in a future-proof manner.  

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Industry expertise

The experts at Atreus know their business – and that of their clients. Why? Because they themselves have been demonstrably successful in their industries for years. From CxO to division managers with expert status. 
As strong implementers, our managers use even complex missions as an opportunity to achieve impressive results for their clients. 

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Knowers, Makers, Movers

The six dimensions for project-related determination of the “perfect match” between requirement profile and manager skill set.

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01 Mission Critical Expertise

Some missions have a lot at stake – sometimes, everything. Here we guarantee a placement that has been extremely successful in completing missions in the past where failure was not an option. 

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02 Project Fit Leadership

Some missions require a fist to get them completed, others an outstretched hand. Sometimes the lone fighter fits perfectly, sometimes the team player. We measure projects in terms of leadership psychology and suggest optimal characters. 

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03 Transformational Experience

Having realistic ideas about the here and now requires a high degree of objectivity. Atreus Managers are able to grasp actual conditions with analytical precision. And they know the destination of the journey from A to B – from previous experience. This is the only way to ensure successful transformation.

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04 Result oriented stamina

Interim managers come to go. Atreus sees this as an opportunity to work exclusively with a focus on results. Too much applause from all sides is often a contra-indicator. Atreus Doers stay on course with clear, predefined goals. Even in the face of headwinds.

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05 Qualified+ Track Record 

Atreus managers should not grow through their projects – our clients should grow through Atreus managers. That’s why we only place staff with the right fit at an expert level that exceeds the required level. 

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06 Immediate Availability

More than 16,000 highly qualified professionals in German-speaking countries and over 60,000 top managers in the Globalise network enable Atreus to fill virtually any requirement, asap. Sometimes even within 48 hours. 

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Areas of expertise

For us, “interim management, taken a step further” means:  
Strategically selected resources with a perfect project match take on full responsibility for a limited period of time. In each of our managers, senior industry expertise meets distinctive specialist knowledge. Added to this are project-relevant leadership qualities and an uncompromising focus on results.  
We call it “Qualified Expertise”. Our clients call it brilliant. 


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Prestigious Award

Atreus named Hidden Champion

Atreus, the market leader in interim management in Germany and one of the leading European providers, has been named “Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market 2024/2025,” outshining many well-known competitors. At a time of acute challenges and uncertain markets, Atreus consultants have built a reputation as reliable implementers, knowledgeable experts and forward-thinking innovators.


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Focus Automotive

Vehicle Battery of the Future

In our A-lounge Digital, Stefan Randak and Robert Minge joined forces with battery experts to shed light on what the transformation means in technological terms, where the key levers lie in the supply chain, production and market diffusion – and how these issues can be resolved from a management perspective.


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Atreus is an Award-winning team

Atreus named Best Consultant

Atreus, the market leader in interim management in Germany and one of Europe’s leading consulting providers, has once again confirmed its position in the brand eins industry ranking of “Best Management Consultants 2024”. For the eleventh time in a row, the company is being honored for its outstanding achievements and is receiving awards in three important categories.


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Restructuring – Back to Profit 2024

Many companies are currently focusing on restructuring their business. In more than 300 successful projects per year, Atreus supports companies in transformation situations.

Find out in which situations Atreus can support you with a powerful network of 16,000 experienced interim managers.


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Quantum Computing – A Game Changer on the Horizon

Quantum computers promise a technological revolution, but know-how could migrate from Europe from 2026. Why you should start thinking about this future technology today.


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The Energy Revolution and its Consequences

The Energy Revolution is having far-reaching effects on Germany’s economy, forcing it to confront the question of whether competitiveness in Germany is at risk compared with other nations. As a factor in site location, energy is taking on increasing importance.


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Atreus in the media

Can mechanical engineering decouple itself from China?

The interdependence of many companies and industries with Asian markets, especially China, raises significant questions. Can this dependency be broken? And is there even a need for it? Atreus Directors Dr Christian Frank and Patrick Julius share their views in Springer Professional


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Back to success in short term

Successful turnaround of company’s segment

“With the Atreus Manager as Managing Director of Sempertrans, we were able to successfully increase the segment’s EBITDA margin within a very short period of time.”

Dr. Martin Füllenbach, CEO Semperit AG


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Atreus in the Media

Electricity, Price, Misplanning: This is why the e-car offensive in Germany is faltering

Germany is aiming for an e-car revolution, but so far the hoped-for turnaround has failed to materialize. In the German newspapers Münchner Merkur and Frankfurter Rundschau Atreus Director Stefan Randak explains that high prices and political planning errors are the reasons. What opportunities and prospects does he see for e-mobility.


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How are Data and AI based Applications like ChatGPT changing the Consumer Goods and Retail World?

With the advent of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has taken the stage of many companies. Consumer goods and retail companies are facing the exciting challenge: How can processes be made more efficient?


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A high level of complexity – no problem!

Atreus Qualified+ Manager in the Suedlink project

“I was particularly impressed that Atreus is not only able to provide top managers at very short notice, but also actively engages in complex projects as a partner and moderator to make them successful.”

Michael Gutzeit, Geschäftsleiter TransnetBW SuedLink GmbH

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Good you are here

Atreus managers and those who want to become one will get there quickly. 

Atreus clients will find all useful information here, at a glance. 

Requests, queries, questions? This is where Atreus gets in touch at lightning speed. 

The Global Interim Management Group

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Generating success worldwide – with home advantage 

Globalise represents a superlative global interim manager network. Atreus was the original initiator and co-creator of the 60,000-strong expert force. In this way, globally distributed companies around the world benefit from local partners who are committed to our “We create success” approach. 

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Why not Atreus? 

Atreus? Better not, if you … 


rely exclusively on consulting

At Atreus, consulting is just the beginning. Our Achievers not only take on a task. They also take full responsibility for its successful implementation.


look for adapted performer

Atreus Managers know what they are doing – and do what they are able to. Consistently goal-oriented, they think outside the box when necessary. And they don’t mince their words.


are satisfied with any old managers

A multi-stage, project-specific qualification process incorporating smart AI and personal assessments ensures perfect matches without ifs and buts.


find mediocre results okay

Because our experts have already successfully mastered challenges similar to the current one numerous times, our results meet even the highest expectations.


wanting everything to be different without changing anything

Seeing change as an opportunity and guiding organizations gently along the way is one of the outstanding strengths of an Atreus approved Achiever.

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Atreus Awards 

What do you take us for?

More important than how we think about ourselves are the evaluations of others who critically and objectively examine Atreus. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone whose wave of enthusiasm has made us a multiple award-winning provider of interim management. 

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