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Quantum computing – game changer in waiting position

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Dr. Hannah Venzl
Head of the Quantum Computing Competence Network Office, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

„An incredible amount has happened in quantum computing in recent years – especially in Europe.“

What’s the Hype about Quantum Computing?

Quantum technology is currently hailed as a solution to many problems. But how long will it take for quantum computers to become powerful enough to tackle complex scientific economic, ecological, and societal challenges? Are there already applications that offer real benefts?

During an Innovation Lounge organized by Atreus in collaboration with Fraunhofer in the summer of 2023, experts from applied research and practice delved into how quantum computing works, current research efforts, and the foreseeable applications of the technology. An overview.


„Quantum computing is one of the most promising technologies of the future. We need entrepreneurial courage today to drive this technology forward. Develop your quantum strategy with the support of Atreus.“

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