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Interim Management by Atreus

More than temporary management.

For us, interim management means providing the ideal resources for a limited period of time, plus a guarantee of implementation in line with the mandate. Atreus Managers – m/f/d – see themselves as the driving force behind the success of their projects. They do more than simply take on a task; they assume responsibility. 
Because our managers themselves have been successfully active for years at the highest management level or in executive functions with C-level relevance, they have a track record that underscores their suitability for even the most complex challenges.  
Makers from the Atreus network qualify for each of their projects through proven successes they have already achieved multiple times in comparable missions. More and more clients are choosing Atreus when failure is not an option. 

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Nice to see you here 

Would you like to be networked with the best, anticipate working with first-class clients, and aim to be a world-class interim manager? 

Are you already in the Atreus network and still need access to the portal to manage your projects and documents?

Good to see you again. View and manage your interim mandates, CV and all events at a glance – with a single click.

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Knowers, makers, movers

Interim managers from Atreus are exceptional performers – characterized by their unconditional will to succeed, their leadership skills and their ability to get things done. And by their perfect fit for the task ahead of them. Because each of them undergoes a rigorous selection process before finally being put forward for a specific project.  
Identifying suitability based on corresponding high scores in all six dimensions of our qualification hexagon is equivalent to a distinction that, in terms of the project, is equivalent to “summa cum laude”.   

A further guarantee for our managers and clients that success is feasible, not merely possible.

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01 Mission-Critical Expertise

Some missions have a lot at stake – sometimes, everything. Atreus managers bring with them the mission-critical expertise that has enabled them to complete their tasks extremely successfully in the past. Failure was not an option.

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02 Project-Fit Leadership

Some missions require a fist in terms of execution, others an outstretched hand. Sometimes the lone fighter fits perfectly, sometimes the team player. We also measure projects in terms of leadership psychology and make people recommendations as ideal personalities on a case-by-case basis.

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03 Transformational Experience

Having realistic ideas about the “here and now” requires a high degree of objectivity. Atreus Managers are able to grasp actual conditions with analytical precision. What’s more, they know how to get dependably from A to B – from previous experience. This is the only way to ensure successful transformation. 

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04 Result-Oriented Stamina

Interim managers come to go. Atreus sees this as an opportunity to work exclusively with a focus on results. Excessive applause from all sides is often a contra-indicator. Atreus doers stay on course with a view to achieving predefined goals. Even in the face of headwinds. 

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05 Qualified+ Track Record

It is not our aim that Atreus Managers should grow through their projects – rather, we believe that our clients should grow through Atreus Managers. That’s why we only place staff with the right fit at a level of expertise that exceeds the requirement. 

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06 Immediate Availability

More than 16,000 highly qualified professionals in German-speaking countries and over 60,000 top managers in the Globalise network enable Atreus to fill virtually any requirement, at extremely short notice. Sometimes even within 48 hours.

Register now  

Be an Interim Manager with Atreus

With Atreus, you decide on the perfect partner. You are joining the strongest network in the German-speaking and European countries. We support you on a long-term basis and stand at your side with numerous solutions tailored specifically to interim managers and with our industry expertise.

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How does the registration process work?


Questions (yes/no)

Go to the portal and answer the yes/no questions we ask you in advance. 


Access to our portal

If the screening is a match, we will activate you for the portal. You will receive an invitation link by email. 


Completing your profile

We kindly ask you to complete your digital profile on our platform. Please complete your CV in detail. We can only target a perfect match between you and our clients if we get to know you and your skills well.


Note the following when entering your data:

When completing your profile, please consider your key qualifications, leadership and project management experience and availability. Please note that in addition to availability, a high level of expertise and success-oriented achiever mentality are particularly important for our customers.


Profile monitoring by consultants and directors

Once you have fully entered your data in the portal, our consultants and directors look at your profile in detail. To get a most complete picture and to define where your fields of activity for Atreus are, it is crucial that you provide as much detail as possible about your expertise and career. Your well-completed profile increases the possibility of a cooperation within the framework of a suitable mandate.

Are you a true achiever? We look forward to receiving your registration.

Atreus Portal. Suddenly, everything is very simple. 

Your digital hub-for-everything is a must for today’s temporary management. Here is where you can create your profile, manage your mandates and network with thousands of colleagues.

What’s in it for you?

Your digitally stored data is scanned and pre-screened for suitability according to the requirements of each project tender.

  • Your profile can be presented directly to clients. This increases your chance of achieving a “perfect match” in your favor. 
  • You can network with other interim managers on the Atreus Portal and actively participate in one of the most exclusive business communities in the world. 
  • You can always keep your CV up to date here at a central location.  
  • Stay effortlessly up to date with all Atreus events and projects. 
  • The Atreus Portal is simple and intuitive to use and has been specially designed to meet the needs of managers and consultants. 
  • It’s also simple to conveniently settle your travel expenses online. 
  • Get a daily overview of your interim mandates – even those that are not commissioned and billed via Atreus. 

The Atreus Network

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