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Case Study

Strategic realignment of a holistic business IT

at an international manufacturer of plastic packaging


Company Details | Global Player

  • Manufacturer of plastic packaging with approx. 21,000 employees worldwide
  • Worldwide production network, in a total of 24 countries, numerous products & applications
  • Turnover: > €4 billion

Situation and Challenge​ | Digital transformation | Change culture of cooperation

  • Sustainability through digital transformation – securing your own business by using and implementing the possibilities of modern IT
  • IT as a strategic partner – Further development of IT from the “tactical support role” into that of a driver of digitization, an innovator and an established partner of the business

Objective and task | Coaching Head of IT | Performance improvement

  • Transformation Coaching – Support (content & personal) of the new Head of IT and his management team
  • Initiation and anchoring of a cultural change in IT (IT strengthens as an innovation driver & growth engine)
  • Relief of the business areas and image improvement of the IT organization

Measures and Approach​ | Gain trust in the overall organization

  • Voice of Customer – Analysis of the expectations of all stakeholders
  • Enterprise Application Architecture – redesign and renewal of the IT landscape
  • Data management – data cleansing, redesign and securing of data flows
  • Change management – changing the attitude of IT and positioning as a business partner

Results and ​Achievements | New IT vision & strategy and visible cultural change in the IT organization

  • Documented actual assessment of the group IT & roadmap for the renewal of the IT landscape
  • Concept, essay, cast and sustainable start of the Dynamics 365 suite introduction
  • Development of an Industry 4.0 strategy & definition of first implementation initiatives in production
  • The board and owner family are very satisfied with the cooperation and the results