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Case Study

Head of Engineering at a Construction Supplier

Re-organization of the Engineering Office


Company Details

  • 3rd generation family business,  110 M EUR in sales, > 800 staff​
  • 5 locations, locations are individual profit centers

Situation and Challenge

  • Desolate initial situation, no organization, no leadership
  • Switched to SAP without testing: none of the processes aligned to actual business
  • Worker’s contracts not customized, high staff fluctuation

Objective and Tasks

  • Streamline organization and re-build towards team effort
  • Implementing new functions  (structural engineering/ technical documentation, CI & LL, project managers)  
  • Establish simple processes
  • SAP training, introduction of Excel application to track delays, establishing KPIs and capacity planning ​
  • Stop fluctuation, motivate staff, adaptation of worker’s contracts

Measures and Approach

  • Weekly departmental jour fixes, daily tour of premises: listening and talking to each employee ​
  • Identify and formulate top 10 problems, initiate change processes
  • Establish deadline tracking, quality improvement, raise cost and follow-up cost awareness (design freeze)

Results and Achievements

  • Department acts as a team (team spirit)
  • Alignment of internal processes (CI and LL) results in 30% improvement of lead time ​
  • 40 % improvements in timeliness, 20 % in quality, 90% in cost/follow-up cost (design freeze) ​
  • No staff fluctuation during mandate period: 100 % improvement

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