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Case Study

Implementation of a Restructuring Program

Implementation of a restructuring program at an international cable harness manufacturer


Company Details​

  • Corporation-wide management by Matrix Organization
  • Sales of electrical systems division € 3,2 BN ​
  • Locations worldwide, mostly in low-wage countries because of work-intensive production process

Situation and Challenge​

  • Lack of clear responsibilities for financial estimates of suggested economies
  • Unsystematic process for the evaluation of suggested measures, lack of transparency
  • Lack of communication in terms of systematic and structured discharge of initiatives

Objective and Tasks

  • Increase in financial transparency of suggested measures
  • Coordination with regional managers to achieve workable economies that make a demonstrable impact on the profit-and-loss statement

Measures and Approach

  • Weekly global coordination meeting to ensure transparency
  • Twice weekly coordination sessions with PMO to discuss critical initiatives and general alignment of measures
  • Weekly C-level reporting to document status, progress and results

Results and Achievements

  • Significant increase of transparency of suggested measures and economies achieved by them; significantly increased clarity as to the nature of economies
  • Reduction of „double count“ initiatives