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Change in IT: But please without business interruption

Robert A. Heiß
Former Managing Director of InfraServ Gendorf

„Atreus successfully developed the business model of our IT Services division, thus ensuring professional and process-oriented workflows.“

Robert A. Heiß
Former Managing Director of InfraServ Gendorf


The IT services division of InfraServ Gendorf needed to be optimized in terms of its work processes and structures. The previous IT manager was unable to convince the employees of the necessary changes and left behind an unsettled workforce when he left. The task was to make the division fit for the future and to build understanding and trust within the team.



Atreus enabled structural and strategic development of the IT Services division without lengthy process interruptions. The approximately 80 employees felt involved. In addition, it was possible to review the future viability of the company and provide support in the recruitment process for a permanent successor.

Interview with Robert A. Heiß,
Former Managing Director of InfraServ Gendorf

Why did you turn to Atreus?
Due to the importance of the IT Services division within our service portfolio, we could not afford to leave the position unfilled during the recruitment process. In addition, it was important to consistently drive forward initiatives and projects that had already been launched.


„Atreus Manager has become a valued strategic sparring partner for us.“

What was the task in this project?
The task was to define the core processes at FSVC in coordination with all business units and locations. On this basis, the new processes and instructions were written and the respective responsibilities defined. The same procedure was followed for the management and support processes. During the implementation phase, process training sessions were held for key users, which were also handled by the Atreus Manager.


„A total of 120 employees at the various sites were trained in the new processes. Here, too, the Atreus Manager was jointly responsible.“

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The Atreus Combi Model

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„At InfraServ Gendorf, we are proud of our open and appreciative corporate culture. The Atreus Manager fully convinced us with his approach, which was characterized by knowledge of human nature and empathy.“

What criteria did you place particular emphasis on?
Without a doubt, professional competence came first. With the Atreus Manager, we were able to bring a person on board who, on the one hand, could ensure a seamless transition and, on the other, could enhance the business model of our IT Services division. In addition, personality was also very important to us, as the position involves many points of contact with internal and external customers.

What particular challenges awaited Atreus?
The employees in IT Services were unsettled by the previous manager’s approach, which was not always adept, so they received the Atreus Manager with skepticism. So the first thing he had to do was build trust, which he did in many face-to-face meetings. The other challenge arose from the specific customer structure of IT Services. Here, it was necessary to balance the different demands and interests of ISG itself and all external customers, and to raise employees’ awareness accordingly.

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Robert A. Heiss

Robert A. Heiß, who holds a degree in business administration, was Managing Director of InfraServ Gendorf from 2009. He had already gained experience as CFO at Zeppelin in the plant engineering business segment, at plastics processor rose plastic AG and at EUPEC PipeCoatings, a globally active supplier to the oil and gas industry.


„In an industrial park, the focus is primarily on managed services, i.e. not on classic IT projects. This was brought to a nice denominator by the Atreus Manager: the job is more ‘farming’ than ‘hunting’.“

What was the procedure for recruiting a permanent successor?
After sharpening the job profile, we are now in a better position to say: Who does InfraServ Gendorf actually need in the position of IT manager, what special skills and qualifications does our company require?


„The Atreus Manager succeeded in counteracting the employees’ uncertainty with an integrative, dialog-oriented and diplomatic approach.“

What is your overall conclusion about Atreus?
Definitely positive. The clearest evidence of this is the fact that we have now permanently hired the Atreus Manager as head of the newly created Corporate Development department. We are very pleased that he has accepted. We have also brought a second Atreus Manager on board, who is responsible for the Engineering Business Unit.