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Optimization of Tender and Pricing Processes

An Atreus team shortens lead time of tender processes and increases win rates of tenders at an electronics manufacturer.


Company Details

  • Manufacturer of electronics and electrical engineering products  
  • 750 staff; € 120 M in sales

Situation and Challenge

  • Handling of high numbers of requests for proposal within constrained time frame  
  • Long lead times for tenders made
  • Better request/tender matching needed to improve win rate

Objective and Tasks

  • Shortening of lead times for tenders
  • Training staff, win/loss analysis
  • Increase win rate of tenders made

Measures and Approach

  • Evaluation of components with a view to market prices
  • Detailed assessment of own value creation  (manufacturing cost)

Results and Achievements

  • Shortening of lead times of tender processes
  • Increase of win rate of tenders, leading to significant increase of sales