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Case Study

Production optimization at a medium-sized chemical company in Germany

Atreus implemented a digital planning board for production optimization, built up an operational excellence team, and achieved an EBITDA improvement of more than 5 million € through more than 35 new projects.


Company details

  • Manufacturer of pigments, polymers, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical precursors and APIs
  • GmbH with 110 million Euro sales and 450 employees at 3 sites in Frankfurt/Main, Germany
  • 70 % contract manufacturing for third parties, 30 % commercialization of own products

Situation and challenge

  • Too low efficiency in operations; product portfolio poorly sorted
  • Inventories too high, especially for intermediate products
  • Lack of market/customer orientation

Objective and task

  • Process review of the top ten products
  • Achieve EBITDA of more than 15 % (previously 8 %)
  • Implementation of sustainable processes

Measures and approach

  • Review of all products for their potential to increase efficiency
  • Implementation of a digital planning board (OR-Soft)
  • Establishment of a team for OpEx (Operational Excellence) as driver and master for all improvements (35 new projects)  

Results and achievements

  • EBITDA (2018) greater than 17%
  • Inventory reduction of > EUR 1 million
  • Creation of a basis for further efficiency improvements (roadmap for new COO)
  • Establishment of a customer and performance oriented organization
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The Atreus Combined Model

An integrated offer of Interim Management and Executive Search offers tangible advantages.