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Case Study

Project Manager Strategic Procurement


Bei Hersteller von Testsystemen für die Automobilbranche


Company Details

  • Manufacturer of testing systems (hot gas, battery) for automotive tier 1+2, initially ca. 500 staff
  • Classic organization according to functionalities as part of a corporation, decreasing sales of ca. 70 Mio. p.a.

Situation and Challenge

  • No procurement, no processes, no real ERP support
  • During mandate transition into insolvency and sale of the company
  • Catastrophic IT landscape

Objective and Tasks

  • Upgrading of IT processes, instruction, contract admin.
  • Search for employees, search for successor, employee coaching, professionalization of procurement
  • Co-ordinating insolvency tasks with specialized legal firm (data preparation, ownership, etc.)

Measures and Approach

  • SAP processes newly designed and trained, improvement of master data
  • Second source, establishment of new suppliers, effecting price cuts
  • Negotiation of terms with suppliers during insolvency (payment targets, etc.)

Results and Achievements

  • Significant price reductions: avoidance of 830.000 EUR extra cost
  • More tasks done by less employees, significant increase in procurement

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