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Case Study – Germany / France

Restructuring at a Builder of Luxury Yachts


Restructuring and optimization of production


Company Details

• The company (sales: €14m, earnings: €-5.4m) is part of a German group (sales: €122m)

• Location in France, 200 employees, 4 lines


Situation and Challenge

• Highly loss-making, high staff turnover, low-skilled employees

• Inefficient, no production planning, no process orientation, no work preparation

• Lack of internal communication, low integration with parent company


Objective and Tasks

• Increase in output and production capacity 

• Reduction of production hours per model

• Integration into the group


Measures and Approach

• Introduction of the group-wide system, daily 15 minutes defect recording

• Shopfloor management, processing of the defect list “LOP” (list of open points)

• Installation of a display board with the KPIs quality, hours, absence


Results and Achievements

• Daily exchange between development and production

• Internal material transport is carried out by internal logistics

• Tracking of the KPI “hours per production cycle”

• Increase of production output by more than 30%

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