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Service Excellence at a Global Healthcare Company

Creating Global Customer Service Structures


Company Details

  • Leading manufacturer of endoscopy equipment for human medicine, veterinary medicine, and industrial usage 
  • Global operation with more than 50 locations, 5 manufacturing sites, ca. 9000 staff worldwide, 1,9 BN in sales

Situation and Challenge​

  • Massive amounts of claims in the repairs department, long lead times, quality complaints, pricing complaints
  • No global orientation, no process responsibility
  • No defined service portfolio, no management of service division

Objective and Task

  • Optimization of repairs business  (lead times, cost reduction, customer satisfaction)
  • Creation of a global Customer Service division
  • Development of new and additional services, and globally market them via country organizations

Measures and Approach

  • Formulation of a Customer Service Vision 2025​
  • Initiation and management of  projects for said program

Results and Achievements

  • Reduction of lead times by 50-70% (depending on product group)
  • Achieved transparent and proactively managed repair management  
  • Created portfolio of additional services as a new revenue stream, generating sales growth