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Case Study

Warehouse Transformation at leading supplier of spare parts for garden supplies

Stabilization of stocking and warehousing processes required


Company details

  • Sales EUR 42.5 million, parent company sales EUR 128 million, group worldwide approx. USD 1.4 billion (2021). Takeover (sales EUR 217 million) planned for September 2022.
  • Number of employees: 125; parent companies in Europe: 381 (09/22); part of a private equity company

Situation and Challenge

  • Stabilization of stocking and warehousing processes required
  • Lack of process and workflow descriptions (impeding ERP change)
  • Data availability and data quality very poor, which, among other things, makes quick analysis of day-to-day business difficult

Objective and Task

  • Warehouse transformation (organization, processes and technology)
  • Preparation, support and assurance of ERP change within the area of ​​responsibility
  • Head of on-site logistics (staff responsibility for 58 employees)

Measures and Procedures

  • Analysis and development of various business and system concepts, process and flow descriptions in connection with planned ERP changeover.
  • Execution of large number of test cases during run-up (pre go-live, cut-over) and in the aftermath (Hypercare phase) of the ERP change (including all interfaces to logistics) Observation, evaluation and implementation of various process and workflow improvements

Results and Achievements

  • Complete assurance and implementation of the ERP change by go-live date.
  • Execution of a key date inventory in record time (half the time of previous year)
  • Definition of performance criteria as well as introduction of logistics reporting with the aim of measuring and optimizing processes and activities (also for European group of companies)