Dr. Peter Köhler

Dr. Peter Köhler has 30 years of experience in the international management of electrical engineering, automotive and technology corporations (Pilkington, Heraeus, Weidmueller Group).

After holding leading positions within Flachglas AG/ Pilkington Europe, Dr. Köhler first became CEO of connectool and later a member of the executive board of the Weidmueller Group. He then moved to the Heraeus Group, where he headed the largest subgroup, W.C. Heraeus, as co-CEO. He then became CEO of the Weidmueller Group.

Dr. Köhler has been a member of numerous associations with a connection to technology, industry and Asia, including the ZVEI (Restricted Board), the VDA, the Senate of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), the National Platform for Electromobility and the Asia-Pacific Committee (APA).

Dr. Köhler has many years of experience in supervisory and advisory boards of family- and PE-managed companies as well as an advisor to leading private equity firms.