Elke Eckstein

Board Professional, Advisor. Senior Executive in Industrials

Elke Eckstein has more than 35 years of industrial experience in the field of Semiconductors, Electronics and Photonics. From 2019 until end of 2022, she served as President and CEO of the Swiss Enics Group, now merged into the second largest industrial EMS in Europe under the GPV brand. 

Previously, she held multiple top-level management positions in leading global companies including Operating and Digitalization Officer as well as head of Business Division Cabinet Products at Weidmueller Group (2013-2018) and COO of Osram Lighting (2008-2013), before that at AMD/Global Foundries, Altis Semiconductors and Siemens/Infineon.

She is member of the Board of Directors at Jenoptik (Ger), KK Wind (DK), Saferoad (N) and BE Semiconductor (NL), U-Blox (CH) and Viacon (S). Elke Eckstein holds a degree in electrical engineering from Siemens Academy; her key competencies are in corporate governance, operations as well as digitalization. Her passion lies in talent development and mentoring.