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Case Study

Commercial Management at Energy Service Provider

Head of Energy and Commercial Management


Company Details

  • North German energy supplier with generation and grid structure
  • Almost 300,000 customers (product and individual customers) with a sales volume of approx. 6 TWh

Situation and Challenge

  • Former commercial managing director resigned at short notice
  • A tense situation in terms of earnings and liquidity
  • Historically high prices on the energy procurement markets
  • Inadequate reporting that supports management

Objective ans Tasks

  • Transparency of the net assets, financial position and results of operations
  • Assumption of responsibility for commercial issues in supervisory and shareholder committees
  • Further development of a control-supporting reporting system
  • Sparring partner for management

Measures and Procedures

  • Analyzing positive and negative factors effecting the situation
  • Make the liquidity and earnings situation transparent at all times 
  • Develop options for action in the field of energy procurement

Results and Achievements

  • Transparency about sources of success created and transferred into future-oriented reporting
  • Liquidity, earnings and asset situation transferred to a stable situation
  • Forward-looking agreement reached with the shareholder on the future capital structure
  • Procurement market and portfolio challenges made transparent and optimized

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