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Case Study

After-sales field analysis of produced lithium-ion batteries

Automotive Supplier Battery Systems


Company Details

  • Tier 1 automotive (car, truck, bus), belongs to a global technology group.
  • The group develops, produces and sells lithium-ion batteries (“all-solid-state” battery technology) and operates in other business areas
  • Customers: Premium OEM

Situation and Challenge

  • Unclear and inadequate organization for field maintenance activities, leading to technical and commercial risks, delays, and inefficient logistics efforts
  • Lack of communication between OEM customer service and supplier (huge potential for escalation)
  • Diagnostic functions of the battery systems were not yet finally defined with the start of production

Objective and Task

  • Clarification of the handling of maintenance and repair work of vehicles in the field
  • Minimization of risks and elimination of uncertainties for efficient battery maintenance in the after-sales area
  • Coordination of a responsibility matrix between OEM, global dealer network and the battery manufacturer

Results and Achievements

  • Responsibilities between OEM and Tier 1 supplier were defined, stakeholders were satisfied and the approach was agreed with all parties
  • Diagnostic function of battery systems was defined based on criteria
  • Known risks were identified/quantified
  • Maintenance manual was successfully provided

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