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Case Study

Interim CFO / Restructuring at a Company Group

European Group of Companies from Aluminium Industry


Company Details

  • European group of companies from the aluminum industry with sales markets in automotive, medical technology, construction and others.
  • Turnover: €250m and approx. 1,000 employees worldwide

Situation and Challenge

  • Management of special requirements under COVID 19 conditions
  • Orderly implementation of restructuring requirements at subsidiaries
  • Short-term assumption of the vacant CFO position in the holding company until a replacement is found

Objective ans Tasks

  • Ensuring transparency/simplification of reporting system and planning processes
  • Orderly restructuring of the subsidiary
  • Management of the M&A process until closing

Measures and Procedures

  • Increased efficiency in the preparation of monthly reports, planning processes and consolidation requirements
  • Establishment of a group-wide mapping for comparability of report data per division
  • Initiation of initial restructuring measures
  • Initiation of insolvency proceedings and advancement of M&A process

Results and Achievements

  • Improvement of data validity in reporting and planning data and reduction of workload in controlling
  • €500T savings through restructuring measures
  • Initiation of insolvency proceedings as a prerequisite for sustainable restructuring

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