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Case Study

Carve-out of three sites for leading international pharmaceutical company


Harmonization of three new sites regarding HR, IT and employment terms and conditions


Company Details

  • Leading international full-service contract development and manufacturing company
  • 11 production sites in Europe and the USA
  • 2,600 employees

Situation and Challenge

  • Acquisition of 3 new sites
  • Announcement of the acquisition of the company by PE firm
  • Global head of HR leaves the company

Objective and Tasks

  • Carve-out of the three acquired sites in relation to terms of employment conditions, IT system, HR organization
  • Harmonization of the terms and conditions of employment of all locations in Switzerland

Measures and Procedures

  • Alignment of the terms and conditions of employment of the acquired sites with those of the company
  • Outsourcing of payroll accounting for the two new Swiss sites
  • Harmonization of the HR presence within the Swiss sites
  • Development of an HR IT strategy
  • Establishment of a global HR network

Results and Achievements

  • New harmonised terms and conditions of employment for all CH sites without redundancies
  • Despite enormous time pressure (9 months) successful project outsourcing payroll Switzerland with the first payroll
  • Introduction of a uniform talent acquisition system
  • Establishment of the HR organization in Switzerland
  • Introduction of a success factor for two key locations
  • Introduction of competency model for all sites

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