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Economic Location Germany 2023

Atreus Study „Economic Location Germany 2023“

The study provides insights into how German business leaders currently perceive the location of Germany and how they intend to deal with prevailing uncertainties.

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Doubts about political direction and concern about location costs

The current study by the Atreus Solution Group Automotive reflects assessments of the current situation and the strategies of decision-makers from various sectors to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging global environment. It shows that a large majority of the study participants from the automotive sector doubt whether the government is setting the right course for the industry. The respondents see an urgent need for action, especially in securing acceptable location costs.


„Our survey underlines the significant concerns, especially among top decision-makers, regarding the current issues facing the economic location of Germany. In particular, business leaders from the automotive sector have doubts about the current political direction and are driven by concerns about acceptable location costs. The fact that a quarter of respondents across all industries plan to reduce investments and capacities in Germany over the next two years, and at the same time, 65 percent cite administrative burdens as an obstacle to investment decisions in Germany, speaks to the existence of the de-industrialization wave that is often denied by policymakers“

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All industries: Disinvestment domestically, investment abroad

The study reveals that a quarter of surveyed companies across industries plan to reduce investments and capacities in Germany over the next two years. At the same time, more than 50 percent of companies plan to invest abroad during the same period. The focus is primarily on investments within the EU (62 percent), followed by the USA (38 percent).