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Market Estimate

Automotive Industry October 2023

Atreus Solution Group Automotive’s October 2023 assessment of developments in the automotive industry

The German automotive industry is experiencing an accelerated transformation toward electromobility, accompanied by increased entry of Chinese manufacturers into existing markets. The success factors in highly competitive markets are design, quality, software functionality and, of course, price. German manufacturers need to score in these areas, especially in China. But what role do suppliers play in this?

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The Market Assessment in Wording:

Dear customers,
the motor show in Munich showed it: All well-known vehicle manufacturers are now on the way to converting their product portfolios primarily to electromobility. The novelty is that the major Chinese manufacturers now want to and will additionally penetrate the existing markets.

The following realization is important for all players: Not only design, quality, reliability and range are on the wish list of end customers, but also functionality, especially as far as the software is concerned. And not to forget the price. If the German manufacturers and well-known top dogs find the right answers here, the markets will stay with them. This applies in particular to China, the most important and largest sales market, which plays a decisive role for all parties involved in achieving sales and earnings targets. If they do not find these answers or do not find them in time or if the Chinese market closes for political reasons or the Chinese state subsidizes the prices of its own companies, things would look bad for the industrial sector that is so important in this country.

But what role do suppliers play in this? Two camps can be identified here at the moment. First, suppliers who are already working with Chinese manufacturers and those who are not yet doing so or are not yet in a position to pull this joker. Secondly, the big players, which are already in the second half of their successful transformation and can now exploit their technical expertise to such an extent that they are indispensable for the important OEMs, and the medium-sized to small players, some of which still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of footprint, product portfolio, digitization, process optimization, cost management and sustainability, as well as controlling, finance and cash management, or orderly IT.

This is where our company comes into the picture.
With its global manager pool of over 16,000 specialists and executives, Atreus is able to deliver and successfully implement worldwide project expertise along the entire value chain. With over 300 operational projects a year in the areas of procurement, logistics, development, production, sales, marketing, human resources, controlling and finance, IT, sustainability, and transformation and restructuring, we are a sure guarantee of successful alignment for many OEM and Tier 1 companies, listed and family-run enterprises.

Talk to us without any obligations. We look forward to talking to you.
Yours, Stefan Randak

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