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Case Study

Bootstrap innovation capabilities at steel and metal manufacturer

Atreus Executive Program Manager guides company to bootstrap innovation capabilities


Company Details

  • The group is the world‘s largest manufacturer of products in its segment in steel and metals
  • +30,000 employees worldwide
  • ~ €6m revenue
  • Public listed company with 80 production sites worldwide

Situation and Challenge

  • The strategic business plan contains only incremental product innovations
  • No involvement in IoT so far
  • No functioning innovation department

Objective and Tasks

  • Corporate value to be doubled and 3 businesses to be established by 2030
  • Topics, structure, tools, network, governance and budgeting have to be cross-checked with strategy & scope of ambition
  • Stakeholder engagement in support for dual tenure
  • Introducing a growth mindset and culture of innovation

Measures and Procedures

  • Categorize product portfolio in incremental and disruptive approach
  • Implement transparency and steering tools
  • Establish advisory board

Results and Achievements

  • New structure for innovation organization, profiles and candidate selection
  • Process, structure, budget, tool support under implementation
  • Start of ecosystem building and stabilization of efforts through innovation advisory board

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