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Case Study

Digital Transformation and Automation at Aerospace Group

International Aerospace and Defense Group


Company Details

  • Development, production and MRO in the aerospace and defense sector as well as cyber security
  • Group of 25 companies with subsidiaries worldwide (USA, France, Germany, India, …)
  • Turnover: $5.3b, 12,000 employees

Situation and Challenge

  • Newly created Group through 25 acquisitions
  • No existing group structures and processes, no harmonization, no existing synergies; little digitalization and automation

Objective ans Tasks

  • Maximum harmonization to leverage synergies and dovetail the companies
  • Maximum digitalization of processes, maximum automation of processes
  • Increase in speed, efficiency, accuracy and transparency

Measures and Procedures

  • Development of a digital group vision with specific target images per company
  • Development of a three-year roadmap for the group and each company
  • Development and setup of internal organization, operating model and governance incl. recruitment worldwide
  • Selection of tools and external partners
  • Rapid implementation of projects with first effects after 6 months

Results and Achievements

  • Centralized IT landscape (harmonized, highly available, highly secure, hybrid cloud, scalable)
  • Digitization of processes in administration and production
  • Increase availability of machines by 10% & effectiveness in production by 15%
  • Extreme automation of processes (start at 15%, target 80% of fully or predominantly automated processes)

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