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Case Study

Transformation of a medium-sized production- & technology company

High-voltage systems segment: Realignment of the product portfolio, production footprint


Company Details | innovative development service provider, various industries, global

  • Focus on the automotive industry, construction industry, agricultural industry and maritime applications
  • Holding listed on the stock exchange, private investor as main shareholder
  • Sales: in 2021 approx. €30 million / in 2022 approx. €53 million │ EBIT: in 2021 -€1 million / in 2022 positive (€0.5-1 million)

Situation and Challenge | Transformation in series production company

  • Integration Business: End of I3 production by BMW => Discontinuation of the only profitable product line
  • Light Battery: no clear market positioning
  • Battery management system: no strategy/ no salable product

Objective and Task | Profitable growth through technology scaling

  • Integration Business: Takeover of the BMW production line and establishment of own production
  • Light Battery: Repositioning on Super Sportscars and acquisition of the OEM project studies
  • BMS: Building a strategy for the product line (M&A)

Measures and Approach | Gaining trust among customers and in your own team

  • Integration Business: Negotiation of contracts with BMW, establishment of production in Eastern Germany
  • Light Battery: Working out the key selling points, customer acquisition
  • BMS: Start of a study with external participation (management consultancy)

Results and Success | profitable customer contracts, SOP according to plan, growth plan

  • Integration Business: contract signed with BMW & SOP plant according to plan in 02/23; Topline Plan 2023: approx. €80m (profitable)
  • Light Battery: Order received from 2 OEM studies. Discussions about series use in 2026
  • BMS: Strategy for BMS in final coordination

Results after „100 days“

  • Negotiation OEM contract
  • Realignment of Light Battery strategy
  • Winning the first OEM study

Results after „50%“

  • Signature OEM contract
  • Securing financing of €14m for new plant
  • Start of construction of a new production plant in Eastern Germany
  • Establishment of a new team with approx. 15 employees

Results after 15 months

  • Construction of plant within timing and budget despite challenges in the construction segment
  • Acquisition of additional customers to increase sales
  • Win follow-up study for Light Battery with OEM

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