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Case Study

Head of Customer Service at IT Service provider of a German insurance company

Improved collaboration between data migration and testing


Company Details

  • Central IT service provider of a German insurance group
  • Solutions for software and hardware as well as computer and network architectures
  • Around 1,400 employees

Situation and Challenge

  • Project postponed several times under tight deadlines and enormous pressure to succeed
  • High parallelism of all activities (development, data migration, integration and acceptance tests)
  • Poorly maintained legacy systems delay development, data migration, and parallel operation

Objective and Tasks

  • Timely completion of the Overall Integration Test (OIT) and Acceptance Test (UAT) for Frontrunner (Pilot) and Main Shaft

Measures and Procedures

  • Introduced ‘Management “Daily” specialist’ and IT from the areas of data migration and testing
  • New governance implemented
  • Tandems of test managers formed from data migration and OIT to optimize use of scarce specialist resources

Results and Achievements

  • Improved collaboration between data migration and testing (e.g. teams of test managers)

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