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Case Study

Plant Management optimization at a medium-sized manufacturer

Commission of two new product lines and sales increase


Company Details

  • Production plant in the Netherlands for own and third-party brands
  • Personal care products
  • Main production site within the parent company which produces 40% of sales volume of the parent company

Situation and Challenge

  • Massive delivery problems, high error rate in deliveries
  • Immense quality problems
  • Manufacturing cost in production too high

Objective and Tasks

  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Establish delivery capability
  • Reduce errors

Measures and Procedures

  • Establishment of an enhanced quality assurance system
  • Line analysis with the aim of increasing productivity, implementation of measures
  • Improvement of the supply chain, restoration of delivery reliability
  • Sustainable team building despite limited opportunities under Covid

Results and Achievements

  • Precautionary and hygiene concept, maximum production readiness despite external influences such as raw material and packaging material availability in Covid times
  • Two new production lines successfully commissioned with new products
  • Significant sales increases implemented under very challenging conditions

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